Black Metal Brewery


(UK only for now)

A case of 12 x 500ml bottles of any ale available (or a mix) is £30; 20 x 500ml bottles £50.

Cask rent (9Gal/41L, or a keg of 30L): £100 for an ale below 7%ABV; £130 for above 7%ABV.
Pick-p/local delivery only; cask top be returned, and might need own tap.

Delivery of a box up to 20kg is £10 by a courier; UK-wide.
Dispatch is currently done on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Local delivery (Edinburgh area and parts of Fife) is free of charge but needs to be booked by prior appointment.
Best way is to send an email or a private message on social networks.

Wholesale (Kegs&Bottles): EeBria Trade 

Nationwide delivery for publicans

Merchandise: Big Cartel


Behold Thy Drink