Black Metal Brewery


Contained herein, are the reviews, opinions and points of view on Black Metal Brewery and its beers. Collected from a range of sources, mass-media to beer blogs, those shall provide you with the overview and general background to your own tasting experience. Which, we are sure, is never going to dissapoint but, opposite, lure you into desire to further indulge in ingesting the mesmerising flow of the mighty brews. Behold Thy Drink!!

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Black Metal Brewery - First Beer (Battering Ram) June 2019

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Headbangers Lifestyle - HEAVY HANGOVER: Black Metal Brewery (October 2017)

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Full Pints: "Beer of the Festival", (Summer 2017, page 14)

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Original Gravity (Issue 1, p. 9): Pete Brown on Yggdrasil pale ale, 6.6% (December 2014)
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The BeerCast: New Scottish brewery - Black Metal Brewery (August 2014)

Hail the Ale!!

Behold Thy Drink